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Telehealth Model for Online EMDR

A Sustainable & Responsive Telehealth Model for Online EMDR:

 Establishing a Post-Covid Practice

6.5 CEs


Join us for this exciting full-day training on establishing or enhancing your online EMDR practice, so you can flexibly transition into a post-covid phase of telehealth. 

Drawing on years of experience offering EMDR online in different cultural contexts and settings, as well as the latest research and developments in Online EMDR since COVID-19, I will present a visual model of telehealth that will support every step of your practice. 

You will learn how to create a secure technological frame and therapeutic frame to ensure your practice is ethical and compliant with data-protection regulations. We will compare the different technologies needed for an online EMDR practice, how to develop a thorough informed consent and intake processes specific to telehealth.

You will then learn how to work within the frames using polyvagal theory. You will learn how to use polyvagal theory to build therapeutic rapport and attunement over telehealth, and how to identify autonomic states through observation and effectively respond to disregulation and activation using relational skills.

You will learn skills to extend preparation and resourcing phase of EMDR through creative, body-based and culturally-sensitive strategies, increasing your clients for online trauma reprocessing.  

We will compare different forms of bilateral stimulation/dual attention stimulus along a spectrum of distraction (low distraction to high distraction) using working memory theory and how to use the spectrum to meet clients’ needs in phase 4 reprocessing work.

Lastly, I will demonstrate creative and collaborative interventions that you can apply to your online practice, including visual methods to conduct history taking and how to create a visual timeline to support target sequencing, as well as visual and engaging ways to offer bilateral stimulation.

The training will be recorded and available for viewing for 30 days after the date of the training.


Continuing education: Review the information regarding continuing education here. It is important to check with your state board to verify your requirements. Continuing education hours are not available for consultation time, reading requirements, or prerequisites.

Instructors: Jennifer Marchand, CCC

Who may attend: This training is for mental health professionals who are already trained in either EMDR.

Date/Time Options (all times Eastern Daylight Time):

Winter 2021 - ONLINE
December 10. 9:00-5:00 EST.

A Sustainable & Responsive Telehealth Model for Online EMDR - December 10 2021

$65.00  Now: $55.00

Price includes CEs. Early bird rate of $55 until December 1.