Leading the Way in Trauma Therapy


bookemdr.gifEMDR Within A Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment


Based on the (included) book: Greenwald, R. (2007). EMDR within a phase model of trauma-informed treatment. New York: Haworth.

Description: Eye movement desensitization/reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective and efficient method of treating traumatic memories. This program is designed to help participants learn when and how to use EMDR, and to gain competency with EMDR. The book is an accessible, straightforward guide to learning and using EMDR. The book teaches a clear rationale and a systematic approach to trauma-informed treatment. The content and methods are research-supported and proven effective. The book takes the reader step by step through the treatment process, using scripted exercises to teach hands-on skills.

Note: Gaining competency in EMDR requires formal supervised training. However, any mental health professional can benefit from this program, which teaches about EMDR, emphasizes the overall trauma-informed treatment approach, and teaches many skills which will be immediately applicable, even without EMDR training.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  • Explain how past trauma or loss can lead to ongoing problem behaviors or symptoms.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive trauma-informed treatment plan.
  • Describe EMDR methodology and procedures.
  • Explain ways that EMDR can be used with a wide range of clients.

Participants already trained in EMDR will additionally be able to:

  • Prepare clients for EMDR.
  • Conduct an EMDR session.
  • Problem-solve a difficult session.
  • Use EMDR with a wide range of clients.