Leading the Way in Trauma Therapy


Our primary office is in Northampton, MA.

We also have offices in Buffalo, NY;  Greensboro, NC; and northern California.

More locations will be added over time.



We are pleased to be able to offer our intensive therapy retreats via video conference. In addition, we are offering half-day and full-day "mini-intensives," also via video conference. We conduct this teletherapy through Zoom, which is completely HIPAA-compliant. At present, we are only able to offer teletherapy in Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania; however, laws are changing rapidly to allow for more interstate service.


More Therapists

We also have a searchable listing of therapists we have trained; most of these therapists will be using the more typical hour per week therapy (not intensive) format. Many more locations are represented in this listing.