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Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment

bookemdr.gifPractical and effective skills for trauma-informed treatment...

by Ricky Greenwald
Haworth, 2007

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This book is an accessible, straightforward guide to learning and using EMDR. The book teaches a clear rationale and a systematic approach to trauma-informed treatment. The content and methods are research-supported and proven effective. The book takes the reader step by step through the treatment process, using scripted exercises to teach hands-on skills. For mental health professionals (and those in training).

Learning EMDR requires formal training and supervised practice. This is the training manual for the Trauma Institute/Child Trauma Institute's EMDR basic training program.

Instructor's Manual is available (at no cost from the author), including a CD with teaching tips, a test bank, and chapter slide shows.

Table of Contents


Section I: Trauma-informed Treatment and EMDR.

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Trauma
  • Chapter 2: The Structure of Trauma-informed Treatment
  • Chapter 3: The Role of EMDR

Section II: Phase 1 - Client History and Treatment Planning

  • Chapter 4: The Initial Interview: From "Hello" to History
  • Chapter 5: Taking a Trauma History
  • Chapter 6: Trauma-informed Case Formulation
  • Chapter 7: Making a Treatment Contract

Section III: Phase 2 - Client Preparation

  • Chapter 8: Safety and Stabilization
  • Chapter 9: Resource Development and Installation
  • Chapter 10: Self-management Training
  • Chapter 11: Precautions for EMDR
  • Chapter 12: Final Preparations for EMDR

Section IV: Phases 3-8 - Trauma Resolution

  • Chapter 13: Phase 3 - Assessment, or "Setting up the Target"
  • Chapter 14: Phase 4 - 5 - Desensitization and Installation
  • Chapter 15: Phases 6 - 7: Body Scan, and Closure
  • Chapter 16: Phase 8: Re-evaluation and Consolidation of Gains

Section V: Advanced EMDR Applications

  • Chapter 17: Problem-Solving an EMDR Session; Cognitive Interweave
  • Chapter 18: Treatment Strategies for a Variety of Presenting Problems
  • Chapter 19: EMDR With Kids
  • Chapter 20: Challenging Cases

Appendix - EMDR and Trauma Treatment Information and Resources

What people say about the book:

Judith Boèl, MEd, RCC
HAP Trainer and Past President of EMDR-HAP

This book is full of helpful content and interesting details both for experienced EMDR therapists as well as those in training. The exercises will help readers to really "GET IT". The many effective explanations, metaphors, and interventions will give every clinician some new and useful tools.

One of the great strengths of the book is the way EMDR is embedded in a trauma-based treatment approach. The detailed guidance on how to implement this approach will help many of our colleagues to pursue a clear path in treatment and ACHIEVE BETTER OUTCOMES.


Sandra Paulsen, PhD
EMDR Consultant and Workshop Leader
Leading developer of EMDR applications for dissociative disorders and ego state therapy.

Dr Greenwald provides readers with a wealth of information that is comprehensive and true to the original EMDR methodology. Trainers and students alike will find this DOWN-TO-EARTH RESOURCE reveals how to formulate cases and EMDR targets safely and efficiently.


Phyllis Klaus, MFT, CSW
EMDR Instructor & Consultant
Author of: Bonding; The Doula Book; Your Amazing Newborn; When Survivors Give Birth.

In EMDR Within A Phase Model of Trauma-informed Treatment Dr. Greenwald has created an OUTSTANDING in-depth EMDR training manual useful for both new and experienced EMDR clinicians. It is unusually accessible, easy to understand and utilize with well developed explanations, examples, and exercises on all aspects of treating trauma. Dr. Greenwald has addressed many aspects of treatment that are rarely taught, giving numerous ideas on how to handle common problems in explaining EMDR and in working clinically with clients, both children and adults. I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent manual.


Nancy Smyth, PhD, LCSW
EMDR Instructor
Dean and Professor, University at Buffalo School of Social Work.

Greenwald has managed to create one book that masterfully teaches trauma-informed treatment and the use of EMDR within this framework. This book is an indispensable guide to EMDR treatment with the wide range of clients who present in diverse clinical settings. In addition to teaching a comprehensive framework to inform treatment, it’s a GOLD MINE OF PRACTICAL STRATEGIES and techniques for EMDR clinicians and trainers. Simply stated, THIS IS A "MUST READ" BOOK FOR ANYONE DOING OR TEACHING EMDR.

Home Study for Professional CEUs:

Mental health professionals can earn 9 CEUs and 9 EMDRIA CEs with TI/CTI's Home Study Program, which includes the book.

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